Colnaghi Tectus Insurance

Colnaghi can help protect your irreplaceable and precious works with our unique insurance offerings and services. Our in-house specialists are experts in providing current and considered valuations and collaborate seamlessly with our insurance broker partners to deliver the coverage that you need, wherever you and your art collection may be.

Among the oldest commercial art galleries in the world, Colnaghi today is the only gallery specializing in masterworks from the ancient world through to the present day, providing our clients with tailored services and expert advice on how to manage and care for their collections. Colnaghi also has unmatched experience in conservation treatments, and are able to recommend the best possible restorers and procedures. Our specialists begin the insurance process by evaluating the works in your collection, including assembling the necessary documentation - provenance, proof of ownership, and bill of sale – as well as capturing high-resolution images.

These documents are uploaded and stored within our secure, online portal for easy access and organization. Our specialists will work with you to renew the appraisal/valuation of each work every two years at minimum, or more frequently if needed, to ensure records remain current.

We can also facilitate loaning of artworks from private collections to museums as well as consigning works to other galleries for exhibitions.

Colnaghi insurance covers:

Fine art
Estates and Homes